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Creating Unity On Your Showroom Floor

Dealerships are like small communities. You have a mix of all types of people, goals, challenges and personalities – which makes
creating unity within your dealership no small feat.

You know you need everybody to row in the same direction, but instead, you’ve got a handful of strong opinions and people digging in their paddles. So, what can you do?


Creating a culture and atmosphere that is conducive to success is critical to dealer’s profitability – but with daily demands and
operations, there’s little to no time left to implement new processes.

Luckily, that’s where the Income Development Guys come in.

We’re not like other F&I trainers. We won’t come in our fancy suits and bark orders. Instead, we will immerse ourselves in your
workplace a create a culture that mends the entire dealership.

What you can expect:

  • A coaching experience tailored to your specific strengths and weaknesses that challenges the molded way of thinking in the automotive industry.
  • Provide an interesting and entertaining selling process that ensures the department exceeds their own expectations.
  • Eliminate silos and ensure everyone serves a valuable purpose – from porter to dealer to principal.

Once you’re able to unite your dealership toward a common vision, only then will you be able to achieve uncommon results. If you want to transform your dealership into a money-making machine with long-term employees – the Income Development Guys can make it happen.