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That Special Feeling That Your New Car Gave You!

What if there was a product that could restore the way you felt the day you drove home your new vehicle? That beautiful shine that just made you smile with amazement. That new car smell and the fresh paint that just looks flawless. Those feelings are real and unfortunately, they do not last long.

Customers are looking to get the greatest use and enjoyment with the least amount of aggravation at the lowest total cost. The smartest thing a consumer can do is protect their paint when purchasing a new or pre-owned vehicle. Here is a list of reasons why you should install Cilajet Aviation Grade paint protection.

  • ONLY true Aviation Grade Paint protection developed specifically for the aerospace industry.
  • Boeing and Airbus approved.
  • Unlike automotive grade waxes Cilajet bonds molecularly with the paint and offers superior appearance and protection that last.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Protects against the environment damage and prevents contaminants from adhering to the vehicle.
  • Prevents loss of gloss from sun oxidation and paint fading.
  • Protects against acid rain, mineral deposits, ice, snow and rust.
  • Jay Leno has featured Cilajet
  • Best-in-Class “One of a kind” product.
  • Increased resale value.
  • The only product in F&I that something bad doesn’t have to happen for the customer to benefit from the product.

A little about me and why I decided to write this article.

I am a twenty-year automotive veteran with sixteen of those years in the F&I office. I made the decision to retire June 1, 2017 from my store, and in May I delivered 98 units at $278,943 gross profit resulting in a 2846 PVR. I made the decision to join an insurance agency owned by Johnny Garlich with the goal of helping F&I departments across the country increase PVR while enhancing the customers buying experience. I have seen EVERY appearance package in the business and nothing even comes close in comparison to Cilajet Aviation Grade. You CANNOT run over $2000 PVR on a consistent basis without having the proper products in your arsenal. Cilajet is one product that EVERY dealer in the country should offer. I personally installed the interior and exterior protection myself “In a suit” I might add. The way my car looks every morning as I greet it with a cup of coffee in my garage, is remarkable. Many dealers have experienced 40% plus penetration with $500 gross per contract or more. If you’re one of those, great. If not, please contact me at (618) 979-9483